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We’re here for when you need a helping hand.

Having trouble paying prescription costs; co-pays; office visit fees? Let us help.

Here’s how. If you find these costs above the scope of your budget, for a minimal fee Out of Pocket Assistance will cover the cost for you and allow you to repay it over time.

For example: Let’s say your prescription cost $100 and you just don’t have that to spare right now. Here’s where we can step in to assist you.

Prescription cost: $100
Our fee: $5
Total Price $105

Once approved, Out of Pocket Assistance will pay the prescription cost for you and divide the repayment of such and the fee down into three monthly payments. Therefore, instead of needing $100 at the pharmacy counter at the time of pick up, you pay only $35 a month for 3 months but go home with your prescription when the prescription is ready.